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UNs top development official in awe of Indias efforts |

US slaps sanctions on Myanmar Army chief over Rohingya killings |

US mulls increasing merit-based immigration to 57 per cent |

US Defence secretary nominee wants to solidify strategic partnership with India |

Donald Trump slams Barack Obama over Turkeys Russia missile purchase |

Pakistan reopens airspace for civillian traffic 140 days after Balakot airstrike |

Pakistan reopens airspace for civillian traffic 140 days after Balakot airstrike |

Ex-US NSA tears into Pak-based Chinese diplomat, calls him a racist disgrace |

Ex-US NSA tears into Pak-based Chinese diplomat, calls him a racist disgrace |

Donald Trump defends racist tweets, says many people agree with him |

Sorry f****rs, find someone else: US man writes after killing Instagram star, posts photos of bloodied body |

Donald Trump says US tariffs taking a toll on Chinas economy |

American Airlines: Boeing plane flight cancellations extended |

Pamplona festival ends with 3 gorings in final bull run |

Barrys flood threat lingers as storm slowly sweeps inland |

Calls for investigations after power restored in Manhattan |

Could facilitate release of seized Iranian tanker: UK |

France launches first of Barracuda-class nuclear-powered attack submarine |

Britain to send destroyer to Gulf amid Iranian threats |

Nepal to raise foreign tourist visa fees from July 17 |

2 more Indian nationals arrested in Iranian oil tanker probe in Gibraltar |

Ahead of Donald Trump-Imran Khan meet, top US General says need to maintain strong military ties with Pakistan |

Maryams interview forcefully taken off air, alleges Pak scribe |

Maryams interview forcefully taken off air, alleges Pak scribe |

Despite loud criticism, Trump administration plans immigration enforcement operation |

China poses most serious threat to national security of US, says top General Mark A Milley |

Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi heckled in London over press censorship |

Diplomats shaken for now after Britains US ambassador quits |

This man loved his animals: Missing Texas man was eaten by his own 18 dogs |

UK parliaments Big Ben bell marks 160 years with silence as restoration work continues |

IBM proposes changes to law shielding internet firms from user content liability |

Louisiana braces for possible weekend hurricane |

Donald Trump calls UK PM Theresa May foolish and her envoy wacky over leaked memos |

US wants North Korea freeze as beginning, not end, of denuclearization |

Trump cannot block people on Twitter: US court |

1 in 4 Pakistani kids wont complete primary education by 2030: Unesco |

US Democratic lawmakers declare climate emergency |

International court convicts Congo rebel leader known as Terminator |

Turkey: Russia preparing S-400 missile systems for delivery |

Pakistans heaviest man, who weighed over 330 kg, dies after being left unattended in ICU |

US Financier Epstein pleads not guilty to sex trafficking charges involving girls |

Iran breaches key uranium enrichment limit in nuclear deal |

In Japan, the business of watching whales is far larger than hunting them |

Hong Kong leader says extradition bill is dead after mass protests |

Pakistan to receive $1 billion IMF instalment on Tuesday |

Jill Biden says American people know Joe Biden isnt racist |

Pakistan court judge forced to convict father Nawaz Sharif, claims Maryam Nawaz; releases video |

Shaken by powerful South California earthquakes people take stock of damage |

Indonesia issues tsunami warning after Molucca Sea quake |

Hardline Sri Lanka monk calls for Buddhist Sinhalese government |

Trump administration loses bid to lift bar on funds for border wall |

Iran nuclear row: Could UN sanctions return? |

Iran ratchets up tensions with higher enrichment, draws warnings |

Maryam Nawaz demands Imran Khans resignation |

Imran Khan wants to avoid pricey hotels during Washington trip |

Hong Kong protesters march again, reaching out to Chinese visitors |

Calls for boycott of Japan grow in South Korea as labour row simmers |

6.9 magntitude earthquake hits California even as towns survey damage amid 1700 aftershocks |

US corporate sector welcomes 2019 Budget, says it will attract FDIs |

US dollar rises against most major currencies |

Irish woman who abused, spat at Air India crew found dead in England |

Hafiz Saeed, his aides to be arrested very soon: Police |

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina holds talks with her Chinese counterpart, signs nine agreements |

Pakistan PM Imran Khan to meet Donald Trump on July 22 |

Tibetan issue no longer struggle for political independence: Dalai Lama |

Strong quake shakes Southern California, no immediate reports of damage |

Strongest earthquake in 20 years rattles Southern California on July 4th |

Indian-origin banker gets 13 years in jail for forgery, cheating in Singapore |

Donald Trump hails US military in Independence Day speech |

More than 80 migrants feared drowned off Tunisia coast |

Pakistan books 26/11 Mumbai attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed for terror financing |

Hurricane Barbara barrels across Pacific as major storm in direction of Hawaii |

IMF approves $6 billion loan for cash-strapped Pakistan, aimed at sustainable growth |

Boeing to give $100 million to support 737 MAX crash victims families |

Chinese state media blames Western ideologues for Hong Kong protests |

Trump administration loses bid to lift bar on funds for border wall |

Frustration of surviving pricey Hong Kong stirs protest anger |

Hong Kong protesters storm, occupy parliament. Photos, videos capture awe-inspiring moments |

India, Pakistan exchange lists of civilian prisoners |

Pakistan ex-president Asif Ali Zardari arrested in another corruption case |

Hong Kong police clear protesters from legislature building |

How sea of protesters overtook the Hong Kong legislature: Stunning visuals |

Europes heatwave burns on, but eases from record highs |

Sudan: At least 7 killed as tens of thousands demand civilian rule |

US Navy SEALS made Whatsapp group to discuss war crimes committed by their chief. Then it went public |

Powerful explosion rocks Afghan capital Kabul |

North Korea upbeat on Trump-Kim surprise meeting as a chance to push nuclear talks |

G20 Summit: PM Modi holds trilateral meeting with Trump, Abe in Osaka |

Modi and I will announce very big trade deal: US President Donald Trump |

Russian President Vladimir Putin sees common aims, pushing Donald Trump on arms pact at G20 |

US working to ensure Indias energy needs are met: Mike Pompeo on Iran oil sanctions |

Donald Trump leaves for G20 Summit, to meet Narendra Modi, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin |

Sherin Mathews murder case: Indian-American adoptive father sentenced to life |

Cigarette, power fault: What led to the Notre Dame fire |

Iran says idiotic new US sanctions shut doors of diplomacy |

US President Donald Trump warns Iran of grave consequences in case of any misadventure |

Britains new prime minister will be announced on July 23 |

Shocking photo of father-daughter lying dead on US border brings back focus on migrant crisis |

Cuban artists create handcrafted dildos for countrys first sex shop, fuel legalisation calls |

1 dead, 7 hurt as Yemeni rebels strike Saudi airport ahead of Pompeo visit |

Bangladesh: 5 killed as four train coaches derail, hundreds injured |

Twitterati claim JeM chief Masood Azhar among 10 injured in Pakistan blast, no confirmed reports |

Earthquake of 7.5 magnitude hits remote area of Indonesia |

Hyderabad man among 2 killed in multiple-vehicle collision in San Francisco |

Donald Trump nominates Mark Esper to be his new defence secretary |

Chinese President Xi Jinping holds talks with Kim Jong-un in North Korea |

US says it has no plans to cap H-1B work visa programme |

Pakistan garners support to tackle FATF blacklist, but danger persists |

US bars airlines to fly to India using Iranian airspace after Iran shoots down drone |

Donald Trump says Iran made very big mistake by downing US drone |

US tells India it is mulling caps on H-1B visas to deter data rules |

New Zealand launches gun buy-back scheme for weapons banned after Christchurch attack |

Ex-Donald Trump adviser Hope Hicks avoids questions on obstruction |

Joints will be separated, body cut into pieces New chilling details from Jamal Khashoggis murder |

Iran shoots down US drone over its territory |

US, Iran voice resolve in brinkmanship, say war not sought |

Donald Trump launches re-election campaign, presents himself as outsider, victim |

Magnitude 6.7 earthquake shakes northwest Japan, 21 injured, minor damages reported |

Over $1 billion worth of cocaine seized in one of biggest US drug busts |

Pakistan army appoints Lt Gen Faiz Hameed as new ISI chief |

22-year-old blogger and journalist Muhammad Bilal Khan, known for criticising Pakistans ISI, hacked to death |

Ex-Egyptian president Mohamed Mursi dies after court hearing: state TV |

11 killed, 122 injured as two strong earthquakes hit China |

Trump and Modis lavish farm payouts prompt questions at WTO |

Trump says US agency will begin removing millions of illegal immigrants |

US releases photos to bolster claim Iran attacked tankers |

Sharer of New Zealand mosque shooting video gets 21 months jail |

Cat filter goof leaves Pakistanis scratching their whiskers |

Toronto Raptors two-million strong NBA victory bash marred by shooting |

Pakistan removes ISI spy agency head after eight months, appoints hardliner |

Hong Kong leader says sorry as protesters insist she quits |

Sudans Bashir charged with corruption, in first appearance since April |

US: Four of Indian family shot dead in Iowa house |

Power mostly restored after massive blackout in Argentina, but questions remain |

Akshay Patras school meals project wins Global Champion Award |

PM Modis meeting with Iranian President Rouhani cancelled due to scheduling issues |

6-year-old Indian girl dies in US desert after mother leaves in search of water |

Pakistan claims India refused to let its train cross border to bring 200 Sikh pilgrims |

Hong Kong media say controversial extradition bill may be suspended |

Indian man detained in Dubai for molesting seven-year-old girl |

Comedian arrested for satirical review of movie in Nepal, triggers criticism of Oli govt |

Indian students in Bishkek welcome PM Modis decision not to fly through Pakistan |

Pakistans action against terror groups post Pulwama attack still reversible: US |

Woman asks mercy for ex-husband who killed their five children, says kids loved him |

You May Be Eating A Credit Cards Worth Of Plastic Each Week: Study |

Pakistan grants Rs 100 crore in 2019-20 budget for Kartarpur corridor project |

Sri Lankan govt resumes parliamentary probe into Easter blasts despite President Sirisenas objections |

Street artist Banksy takes dig at Brexit with new art at London exhibition |

India votes in favour of Israel against Palestinian NGO in UN |

After Imran Khan writes to Modi, US says onus to solve Indo-Pak tension lies on Pakistan |

Sri Lankan intelligence chief resigns over Easter Sunday bombings |

Dont let Muslim Prabhakaran be born: Sri Lankan President Sirisena calls for unity |

Case opened: Democrats begin public airing of Mueller report |

Imran Khan follows PM Modis footsteps, asks countrymen to pay taxes |

US Gives Turkey Till End Of July To Backtrack On Russian Missile Deal |

Trump Suspends New Tariffs After US, Mexico Reach Agreement On Migration |

Bangladeshi Immigrant, 22, Charged With Planning Times Square Attack |

Sri Lanka President Vows To Block Easter Attacks Probe |

Theresa May steps down as party chief, igniting leadership race |

Lesbian couple beaten up in London for refusing to kiss before group of men |

Donald Trump says US, Mexico reach agreement to prevent tariff |

Dubai bus accident: Formalities in process to repatriate bodies of 12 Indians killed |

Eight Indians Among 17 Killed In Bus Crash In Dubai |

Theresa May Quits As Party Leader, Triggers Race For Successor |

UK Foreign Office Board Appoints, Kumar Iyer, First Indian-Origin Member |

Nepal waits for relatives to claim bodies recovered from Everest during cleanliness drive |

Indian-origin man part of worlds most prolific steroid smuggling gang faces jail in UK |

Sikh-American airman allowed to keep turban, beard by US Air Force |

8 people, including toddler, die while collecting Himalayan viagra in Nepal |

African bloc suspends Sudan, demanding end to military rule |

Ivanka Trump Trolled For The Hague Visit, Where War Crimes Are Tried |

Dutch Teen, Traumatised By Rape, Died After Refusing Food: Minister |

Trumps Botched Fashion Choices In UK Were Not Just About The Clothes |

Worlds Worst Serial Killers |

Nepals Pashupatinath Temple Owns Over 9kg gold, 1.3 Billion Rupees Cash |

She Hit Record On Phone Before Falling 7 Stories. What Happened Next |

US Finds American Guilty In Singapore HIV Data Leak Case |

10% drop in H-1B visa approvals in 2018, US says clampdown is working |

Pride month 2019: Sikh mans rainbow turban impresses Barack Obama |

11,000 kg garbage, four dead bodies removed from Mt Everest in two-month long cleanliness drive |

US Firm To Pay Over $1 Million Due To H-1B Visa Holders Including Indians |

10% Fall In H-1B Visa Approvals In 2018, Says Issuing Authority In US |

US Man Found Guilty Of Murdering His 5 Children |

Armed Sheriff, Who Stood Outside Florida School During Shooting, Charged |

Nepal Looks To Limit Mount Everest Access After Deaths, But Doubts Linger |

Sundar Pichai, Nasdaq President To Receive 2019 Global Leadership Award |

Worlds Longest Flight To Be Even Less Comfortable Than Expected |

North Koreas Kim Jong-Uns Sister Appears In Public After 52 Days |

Mistook Himself For God: German Nurse Who Killed Over 100 |

Donald Trump heads to Europe at a time of remembrance, turmoil |

30 years of Tiananmen Square: When China used tanks to break up student protests |

Donald Trump height-shames London Mayor Sadiq Khan as he arrives for UK visit, calls him nasty |

Sudan troops besiege protest camp, 5 reported killed |

Two Muslim governors resign in Sri Lanka after protests by Buddhists |

Imran Khan walks away after brief encounter with Saudi King Salman at OIC summit, faces criticism |

Some 737 Models, Including MAX Variant, May Have Defective Wings: Boeing |

China Says It Doesnt Want To Replace US As Boss Of World |

Beautiful Women Cured Me: Philippines Duterte Says Used To Be Gay |

Chinese defence minister says Tiananmen crackdown was justified |

Its a bird, its an alien: Chinese netizens sight UFO amid naval exercise |

Pakistan to wait for Indias decision to lift airspace ban: Official |

Donald Trump on Brexit: UK should be ready to leave EU without a deal |

Out of control cruise ship crashes into boat in Venice, 4 tourists injured |

10 killed in car blast in rebel-held north Syria |

London Mayor Sadiq Khan Says Trump Like A 20th-Century Fascist |

US: 12 killed, several injured after gunman opens fire at Virginia Beach municipal centre |

US withdraws tax exemption for Pakistan diplomats |

Frank Lucas, drug lord portrayed in American Gangster, dies at 88 |

Israel faces second election in months as Benjamin Netanyahu fails to form government |

Air India London-Mumbai flight delayed for 2 days, passengers stranded at Heathrow airport |

Indian-origin man who set himself on fire near White House dies |

Abu Dhabi celebrates PM Modi swearing-in, lights up Adnoc tower in tricolour |

Pakistani Army general gets life sentence on spying charges; brigadier gets death penalty |

Man sets himself on fire outside White House in US |

Maldives invites PM Narendra Modi to address Parliament |

Mueller says he could not charge Trump as Congress weighs impeachment |

Sri Lanka bombings: Police did not arrest mastermind despite previous warnings |

Knife attack in Japan wounds 19, attacker among 2 dead |

Tension erupts in Pakistan after Hindu doctor booked for blasphemy |

Brexit Party wins, Conservatives bashed in UKs EU voting |

US climber dies on descent, death toll on Everest reaches 11 |

US climber dies on descent, death toll on Everest reaches 11 |

Narendra Modi’s Pakistan bashing refrained him from inviting Imran Khan, says Pak foreign minister |

Monkey Experiments Offer Clues On Origin Of Language |

Monkey Experiments Offer Clues On Origin Of Language |

A Political Scientist Caused Confusion By Making Up A Donald Trump Quote |

US Lawmaker Says He Took Photo With Enemy Corpse During Military Service |

Americans Stand With Japan Mass Stabbing Victims: Donald Trump |

At Least 40 Inmates Strangled To Death In Amazon Prison Gang Clashes |

Billionaire Wanted To Orbit Moon, But Ended Up In Court |

Donald Trump Leaves Japan After Visit To Meet New Emperor Naruhito |

Money, Money, Money: Behind The Scenes At A Euro Note Printing Press |

Donald Trump Says Iran Nuclear Deal Achievable As Sanctions Sting |

8 magnitude earthquake hits northern Peru: USGS |

Theresa May calls Modi on poll win, discusses G20, ICC World Cup |

Former Thai PM and influential royal adviser Prem Tinsulanonda dies at 98 |

4 killed as three separate blasts rock Kathmandu, nine arrested |

Iraqi court sentences three French IS jihadists to death |

Postman Retires After 35 Years, Gets A Hawaiian Surprise From Strangers |

Woman Fired For Giving Free Meal To Boy Accused Of Lying, Says His Mother |

Donald Trump Bypasses US Congress To Sell Arms Worth More Than $8 Billion To Saudi Arabia, UAE |

US Judge Blocks Some Funds Sought By Donald Trump For Mexico Border Wall |

Donald Trump Says He Plans To Pardon Some Soldiers Accused Of War Crimes |

US Judge Suspended For Anti-Trump Comments |

Japans Supreme Bullet Train Hits Record Speed Of 360 Kmph In Test Run |

Bomb blast at Quetta mosque kills two, injures 14 |

India bans Bangladesh terror outfit Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen |

Dawood Ibrahim aide Yunus Ansari arrested in Nepal |

Aviation Body, Boeing Moving Fast On Lifting 737 Max Ban: European Pilots |

Plan To Kill As Many Girls As I See: Man Arrested After Second Chances |

Harvey Weinstein Reaches Deal To Settle Cases For $44 Million |

NASA Executive Quits Weeks After Appointment To Lead 2024 Moon Landing Initiative |

Pakistan media closely monitors Indian election results |

Sharjah-Based Indian Boy Builds Library For Neighbours |

Suspected Indonesian Rioters "Pledged Support" For ISIS |

Indian High Commission in Islamabad to live telecast May 23 Lok Sabha Election results |

Mt Everest witnesses traffic jam like situation as over 200 trekkers attempt to reach summit point |

China banks on Narendra Modi re-election to improve ties with India |

US Fighter Jets Again Intercept Russian Bombers Off Alaska |

Hong Kong Independence Activists Granted Refugee Status In Germany |

Ex-Pak PM To Be Probed For Allegedly Using Vehicles Illegally |

NASAs Mars 2020 Rover To Have Names Etched On Chips, Submissions Open |

Chinas Big Three Airlines Seek 737 MAX Payouts From Boeing |

Britains Theresa May offers new deal to try to break Brexit deadlock |

US man puts plane on autopilot to have sex with minor, faces jail |

Mother Of Satan Bombs Show Foreign Hand In Lanka Attacks: Investigators |

Take A Bow: Samoa PM Makes Pacific Games Archery Team |

British Artist Banksys Home City An Urban Canvas For Elusive Artist |

DNA Test Confirms Death Of Terror Group Leader In Sri Lanka Easter Blasts |

Sea Levels Likely To Witness 2-Metre Rise By 2100, Says Study |

Husband Killed In Ethiopian Air Crash, Woman Sues Boeing For $276 Million |

Christchurch Attacker Brenton Tarrant Charged With Terrorism: Police |

Iranian Official Calls Donald Trump Crazy President |

Safe For Catholic Schools To Reopen, Says Sri Lanka Army |

Eiffel Tower evacuated after man attempts to climb the Paris landmark |

US Navy sailors ranked woman crew members in rape list: Report will make your skin crawl |

On visit to Oman, 6 members of Maharashtra family go missing in flash flood |

Official count gives President Widodo victory in Indonesian election, opposition claim cheating |

Rescuers finally persuade Eiffel Tower climber to come down |

Pakistan appoints Mueenul Haq as new High Commissioner to India |

Donald Trump warns Iran of its official end if US threatened again |

US, China Bicker Over Extravagant Expectations On Trade Deal |

Eiffel Tower Evacuated After Climber Spotted On Monument |

Saudi Says Does Not Want War With Iran, Calls For Urgent Arab Talks |

Bad News For Pak PM Imran Khan, No Oil And Gas Reserves Found Off Shore |

Rocket Fired Into Baghdad Green Zone Where Embassies Are Located |

If Iran Wants To Fight, That Will Be Official End Of It: Donald Trump |

400 Students Of US College Get Surprise From Billionaire On Graduation |

Donald Trump Attacks Fox News In Latest Sign Of Strain |

Memorial Wall Honour For CIA Officer Who Killed Herself Sparks Row |

In Mobile Game, Players Kill Reporter To Win Breaking News Mission |

US Warship Sails In Disputed South China Sea Amid Trade Tensions |

Australias Prime Minister Holds Onto Power, Defying Election Predictions |

US Says Supports Sri Lankas Fight Against Terror, Offers $480 Million Aid |

HMS Queen Elizabeth Captain Sacked From Post Over Car Misuse: Reports |

US Sex Cult Leader Had Meetings With Naked Women Slaves: Witness |

Brexit Compromise Talks Collapse After Six Weeks |

US Lifts Steel, Aluminum Tariffs On Canada, Mexico |

Missouri, Latest US State To Restrict Abortion |

Donald Trump Says European Union Treats US Worse Than China Does On Trade |

More Than 250,000 Rohingya Refugees In Bangladesh Get First ID Cards: UN |

Google Doodle Celebrates Persian Mathematician, Poet Omar Khayyum |

US Cop Allegedly Hired Hitman To Kill Husband, Boyfriends Daughter |

New York Sex Cult Founder Ordered Naked Meetings, Says Former |

Iran Says It Can Easily Hit US Warships In Gulf, Works To Counter Sanctions |

US University Doctor Sexually Abused 177 Students, Probe Reveals |

Former CIA Agent Gets 20-Year Sentence For Spying For China |

US Cops Caught Wrong Men For A 1996 Murder. A Cigarette Changed The Case |

US Lawmaker Says Rape Can Be "Consensual". Female Colleague Corrects Him |

Non-Violent Escape Plan": Brazil Pastors Convert Gang Members On YouTube |

US Ex-Spy Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison For Selling Secrets To China |

No Warnings Appeared In Cockpit: Ethiopian Airlines On 737 MAX Crash |

Japans Next-Generation Shinkansen Bullet Train Clocks 320 Kmph In Test |

New York Sex Cult Founder Ordered Naked Meetings, Says Former Slave |

US slaps sanctions over Russia rights despite revived ties |

Raven chicks in the Tower of London ward off prophecy of doom for Brexit Britain |

Kamala Harris Invokes Indian Heritage In Reply To Trump Immigration Plan |

Donald Trump Wants His Border Barrier To Be Painted Black With Spikes |

IM Pei, The Architect Behind Louvre Pyramid, Dies At 102 |

Dangerous Nuisance: Austria Warns Against Cow-Kissing Challenge |

Whale Deaths In US West Coast May Be Linked To Arctic Warmth |

Plane makes emergency landing in UAE after Indian man dies mid-air |

Pakistan to bifurcate Punjab to create new South Punjab province: Shah Mehmood Qureshi |

Facebook restricts Live, White House snubs New Zealands call to rein in online violence |

Justice Madan Lokur made non–resident judge of Fiji Supreme Court |

Trump unveils merit-based immigration system |

F-16 pilot safely ejects after jet crashes into California building |

US pulls some government employees from Iraq |

Plane makes emergency landing in UAE after Indian man dies mid-air |

Sudan army rulers, protesters agree on three-year transition period |

US, Russia clash on election meddling but eye way forward |

Opposition leader Juan Guaido blasts Venezuela regime after security forces block congress |

Alabama senate passes toughest abortion ban bill in US |

From bombings to anti-Muslim riots: Sri Lanka descends deeper into turmoil |

Mumbai girl is worlds 1st to cross Atlantic Ocean in Light Sports Aircraft |

Sri Lanka Gets Long-Delayed $164 Million Loan Installment From IMF |

Sri Lanka Anti-Muslim riots: Muslim man killed, North-Western Province under indefinite curfew |

Indian woman suffering from rare disease fights deportation from UK |

Anti-Muslim riots kill one in Sri Lanka, nationwide curfew imposed after attack on mosque |

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping to meet after defiant China hits US with new tariffs |

India to provide counter-terrorism, warfare assistance, says Sri Lankan army chief |

Pakistan bans 11 groups for having links with JuD, JeM terror groups |

Woman journalist and adviser to Afghan Parliament shot dead in Kabul |

Saudi-educated religious scholar arrested for links to Sri Lanka Easter bombings |

Pakistan reaches accord with IMF on $6 billion bailout |

Man jailed for life for killing Indian-origin wife in UK |

Three bodies found with crossbow bolts in German hotel |

Sri Lanka blocks social media after worst anti-Muslim unrest since Easter bombings |

Saudi Arabia says 2 oil tankers damaged by sabotage attacks |

We Have Become Grandfathers,Say Dabbawalas, Send Gift To Prince Archie |

Venezuelan General Tells Military To Rise Up Against Nicolas Maduro Regime |

Saudi Energy Minister Says Two Saudi Oil Tankers Attacked Near UAE Waters |

General Election 2019: Wouldnt Have Allowed Sunny To Contest Had I Known...: Dharmendra |

Girl Allegedly Beaten Up, Her Clothes Torn In UPs Shamli |

Central Teams Arrives In Odisha To Assess Damage By Cyclone Fani |

Indian Woman Dies After Hip Replacement Surgery In Dubai |

Rights Activist Irom Sharmila Gives Birth To Twins On Mothers Day |

Kamal Haasan Says Independent Indias First Extremist Was A Hindu |

Julian Assange: Sweden to announce decision on rape case |

Sri Lanka to mosques: Submit recordings of sermons |

Pope requires sex abuse to be reported to church, not police |

China, US to hold more trade talks as Trump ratchets up tariff threat |

Terror attack underway at Pearl Continent Hotel in Pakistans Gwadar |

David Beckham Receives A 6 Month Driving Ban For Using Mobile Phone Behind The Wheel |

Mount Everest, Worlds Highest Peak, Braces For One Of The Busiest Years |

Suspect In Killing Of Director Barry Crane, Arrested After 34 Years |

Pakistans ISI Snoops On Its Own Citizens In Bid To Control Social Media |

US President Donald Trump says top 2020 rivals are SleepyCreepy Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders |

Ukraine demands release of navy sailors held by Russia |

Sri Lanka slaps controls on mosques after jihad attacks |

Anti-Boko Haram militia frees 900 children in Nigeria: UN |

Robert Mueller not to testify on May 15, talks ongoing: House Democrat |

Pentagon assigns another $1.5 bn for US-Mexico border wall |

Parents Outrage As US Teacher With Cancer Forced To Pay For Substitute |

Dia Mirza, Jack Ma Among UNs New Sustainable Development Goals Advocates |

French Village Offers Reward To Solve Mysterious 230-Year-Old Inscription |

Pilot Flies Plane Unconscious For 40 Minutes During Training In Australia |

Japans Oldest Jail Set To Reopen In 2021 As Luxury Hotel |

New Zealands Do It Yourself Coffin Clubs Take Sting Out Of Aging, Death |

Nobodys Happy About North Korea Missile Launch, Says Donald Trump |

76 Shots Fired, A Man Killed: Video Shows Police Alarming Car Chase |

US Hikes Tariffs On Chinese Goods, China Says Will Strike Back |

India committed to building cooperative relationship with Vietnam: Venkaiah Naidu |

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido slams dismantling of legislature after deputys arrest |

US is in constitutional crisis, says House speaker Nancy Pelosi |

Strong 6.3-magnitude quake hits southern Japan, no tsunami threat |

Nobodys happy after North Korea launched two short-range missiles: Donald Trump |

Donald Trump says call me to Iran, condemns John Kerry for negotiations |

Lithuania election 2019: Pro-EU rivals vye to become next president |

Northern Ireland journalist killing: Four men held, say police |

Pope Francis issues new law for Catholic Church: One must report sex abuse |

Europe rejects Iran ultimatum but stands by nuclear deal |

Pakistani charity dishes out ostrich as Ramzan treat for poor |

Pakistani charity dishes out ostrich as Ramzan treat for poor |

Denver school shooting leaves 7 students injured, 1 dead |

Missing piece of Britains ancient Stonehenge returned after 60 years |

13 Indian crew members rescued from burning cargo ship in UAE |

Biman Bangladesh plane skids off runway in Yangon, 17 injured |

Paris to Mumbai flight makes emergency landing in Iran |

French Adventurer Ends 127-Day Trip Across Atlantic Ocean In Huge Barrel |

11 Injured As Plane Slides Off Runway After Storm In Myanmar |

Austrian Man Gets Life For Killing Prostitute, Freezing Her Body Parts |

Pak Christian Asia Bibi, Cleared Of Blasphemy, Flees To Canada |

At Facebook, Second-Class Workers Who Do The Hardest Job Are Paid Less |

China Broke The Deal In Trade Talks, Will Pay Through Tariffs: Trump |

2 Students Arrested In Colorado School Shooting Make First Appearance |

US Cop Defends Officer Seen On Video Bashing Car Window To Drag Man |

Nirav Modis Third Attempt To Get Bail Rejected, Here Are Reasons |

Teen American Recruiter For Lashkar Admits To Helping Terror GroupTeen American Recruiter For Lashkar Admits To Helping Terror Group |

UN Re-Elects Indias Jagjit Pavadia To International Narcotics Board |

Michael Cohen Says He Helped Christian University Head Handle Racy Photos |

An Amazing Scene: Nawaz Sharif On Lahore Roadshow As He Returns To Jail |

Fliers Plan To Avoid Boeing 737 Max Jets For A Year Or More, Survey Shows |

15 Sheep Enrolled In France School In Bid To Save It |

Car Ploughs Into Young Children In Japan, Killing Two |

India, China Behind Increase In Global Alcohol Consumption: Study |

B-52 Bombers To Be Part Of US Forces Sent To Middle East Over Iran Row |

At Least 3 Killed In Blast Near Sufi Shrine In Pakistans Lahore |

Terror Group Behind Sri Lanka Bombings Has Rs. 7 Billion In Assets: Police |

Donald Trumps Typo Turns A German Holiday Bread Into A Twitter Star |

Trumps Retweet Sets Off Furore Over Idea Of 2 Years Bonus Time In Office |

Drunk US Man Went On Killing Spree, Cops Charged Bartender Who Served Him |

2 Pulitzer-Winning Reuters Reporters Freed After 500 Days In Myanmar Jail |

First Woman To Land On Moon Will Be American: US Vice President Mike Pence |

On Video, Australia PM Scott Morrison Egged While Campaigning |

Gazas Homemade Rockets Still Test Israels Sophisticated Defense System |

US To Propose H-1B Visa Application Fee Hike, Indian Firms May Be Hit |

FBI Translator Hears Own Voice On Wiretap, Logs Himself As Unidentified |

A Popcorn Seller Has Caught The Attention Of Pakistan Air Force |

Dogs Well Positioned In 2020 US Presidential Elections |

Two US Warships Sail In Disputed South China Sea |

Surprised By The Question: New Zealand PM Talks About Wedding Proposal |

Schools Re-Open Amid Fears Of More Terrorist Attacks In Sri Lanka |

Christian-Muslim Clashes Rock Easter Attacks Town In Sri Lanka |

One Million Animal, Plant Species Face Extinction: UN |

Pak Science Minister Says Pakistan Sent Hubble To Space; Gets Trolled |

UK PM May Looking At Second Brexit Vote Options If Talks Fail |

Russia Says Wont Ground Sukhoi Jet Despite Crash-Landing That Killed 41 |

Man Arrested In France For Keeping White Tiger Cub |

Intel Agencies Scan Records After Sri Lanka Claims India Link To Blasts |

Miracle That All Passengers Safe After Plane Skids Into Florida River |

North Korea Tests Multiple Rocket Launchers to Evaluate "Combat Performance" |

Will Never Hesitate To Fly In Boeing 737 MAX, Says Warren Buffett |

Billionaire Warren Buffetts Clue Hints At New Successor |

India Says Diplomats Were Locked Up, Harassed In Pakistan |

Indian-Origin Father And Son See Much To Admire In Warren Buffetts Ways |

Deserted Beaches, Empty Rooms: Sri Lanka Tourism Hit After Bombings |

4,500-Year-Old Burial Ground Discovered Near Egypts Great Pyramids |

Leonardo da Vinci may have left Mona Lisa unfinished due to claw hand |

US FBI arrests Pakistani-American at North Carolina airport for links to Jaish-e-Mohammed and Islamic State |

China expressed interest in joining nuclear deal between US and Russia, says Donald Trump |

Dozens of rockets fired at Israel from Gaza, Israeli Army responds with strikes |

Venezuelas Opposition leader Juan Guaido makes new bid to rally military support |

Thailand King Maha Vajiralongkorn Crowned |

Around 50 Rockets Fired At Israel From Gaza: Army |

Madrasas Should Be Under Religious And Cultural Ministry: Sri Lanka PM |

US Coach Gets 180 Years In Prison For Sexually Exploiting Over 400 Boys |

Sri Lanka To Air Sunday Mass On TV Fearing Repeat Of Suicide Bombings |

Century After Grandfathers School Expulsion, Harvard Teacher Fights Bias |

He Thought It Was Medicine. His Girlfriend Gave Him Drain Cleaner Instead |

No White House Trip For Non-Citizens, Says US Principal; Sent On Leave |

Nepal To Begin Construction Of Railways Linking Kathmandu With India, China |

She Paid $6.5 Million To Consultant For Stanford Entry. She Was Tricked |

Boeing 737 With 143 On Board Falls Into River In US, 21 Injured |

US Says Aware Of North Korea Actions On Missile Launch, Will Monitor |

US YouTube Celebrity Gets 10 Years In Jail For Child Pornography |

Coronation Rituals For Thailand King Maha Vajiralongkorn Begin |

Pakistani-American Man, Accused Of Links To Jaish, Arrested In US |

FBI Sent Undercover Investigator To Meet President Donald Trumps Advisor In 2016 |

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern Engaged To Long-Time Partner |

Four Woman Activists Temporarily Released In Saudi Arabia |

Doctor Arrested For Administering HIV Infested Syringe To 90 People In Pak |

Pilot Grounded After Beating Hotel Clerk Over Ironing |

Nelson Mandela Prison Drawing Sells For $112,575 In New York |

Sri Lanka Attack Mastermind Used Chatrooms To Sway Suicide Bombers |

Can I Have Hot Water? Climber Said After Being Rescued, Died Days Later |

Julian Assanges 50-Week Jail Sentence Dispropotionate, Says UN |

Christchurch Mosque Death Count Rises To 51 After Man Dies |

AIDS Drugs Prevent Sexual Transmission Of HIV In Gay Men |

Sexual Assault In US Military Jumped 13 Per Cent In 2018 |

Sole Remaining Kim Jong Nam Assassination Suspect Freed |

Elon Musk Owes $507 Million To Banks Helping Tesla Raise Capital |

Delhi-Based Photojournalist Covering Lanka Blasts Arrested For Trespass |

Burger King Real Meals Troll McDonalds, But Also Promote Mental Health |

Drug Firm Founder, Executives Convicted Guilty In Opioid Bribery Scheme |

Pak Issues Order To Freeze Assets, Impose Travel Ban On Masood Azhar |

Sri Lanka to freeze assets of terrorists involved in Easter bombings |

France And Italy Mark 500th Anniversary Of Leonardo Da Vincis Death |

France And Italy Mark 500th Anniversary Of Leonardo Da Vincis Death |

Sri Lanka Catholics Cancel Sunday Mass Over New Bomb Fears |

Pak Court Adjourns Hearing In Treason Case Against Musharraf Till June 12 |

UK Becomes First Parliament To Declare Climate Emergency |

US To Give Migrants Rapid DNA Tests To Prove Family Ties |

Defying Congress, US Attorney General To Skip Robert Mueller Hearing |

Hyderabad Woman Rescued From Qatar, Thanks Sushma Swaraj |

Putin Signs Controversial Internet Law For Centralised Traffic Control |

Thailand King Marries Bodyguard In Surprise Wedding Ahead Of Coronation |

Melania Trump Goes Bowling With The Children Of Secret Service Agents |

Parents Plead Guilty In US College Admissions Bribery Scandal |

Masood Azhars Ban Shows Global Commitment To Remove Terrorism In Pak |

Robert Mueller Criticized Bill Barrs Depiction Of Russia Probe |

Zakir Naiks TV Channel Blocked In Sri Lanka After Terror Attack: Report |

F1 racing great Fernando Alonso to leave WEC |

Leave My Country Alone: Lankan Presidents Message To ISIS After Blasts |

Suspect Charged With Murder After North Carolina Campus Shooting |

Zakir Naiks TV Channel Blocked In Sri Lanka After Terror Attack |

Indian among four killed in Cincinnati External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj dismisses hate crime angle |

After crackdowns by India and Bangladesh Zakir Naik’s Peace TV banned in Sri Lanka |

New round of US-Taliban talks to start in Doha today |

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sworn into Israels new parliament after election victory |

2 Dead 4 Injured In US University Campus Shooting Suspect Arrested |

Australian Leader A Family Man Quits Senate Race Over Strip Club Clip |

US Man Imprisoned For Trafficking Girl 14 Via Backpage.Com |

Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt Leaves Alphabet Board After 18 Years |

More Mobile Phones Than Humans In The World |

More Mobile Phones Than Humans In The World |

Sri Lanka bans clothing covering the face |

Chinas Xi Jinping Brings In More Than $64 Billion In Belt And Road Deal |

Prabodhini Student Selected 3.7 Package |

Sri Lankan suicide bomber studied in Australia |